Why work with us?

Bisar is a Polish nationwide employment agency that operates internationally. We search for and hire for our Customers physical workers for warehouse handling and distribution, forklift operation, production lines, fruit, vegetable and meat processing, but also specialists from welding, electricity, construction installation or IT industries. Our team consists of employees with more than 10 years of experience in the area of HR, HR logistics and payroll. We cooperate both with large corporations and small companies. We are distinguished by flexibility and individual approach to every order. We cooperate both with international corporations as well as small and medium enterprises.

 Why is it beneficial to work through an employment agency in Poland?

The offer of professional employment agencies includes numerous job offers in various industries. As a result of the cooperation with such an agency, an employee is able to find employment regardless of their experience and qualifications. Moreover, they make sure to stay in touch with a candidate throughout the entire period of recruitment process. What is important, they do it regardless of the result, as every agency wants to have as large and as diverse candidate base as possible. Consultants employed by the agencies support candidates in the most difficult recruitment steps and provide advice on strategies to be taken during the final talks with the employer. These are only some of the reasons why it is worth using the services of recruitment agencies.

What benefits does Bisar provide to its employees?

 The greatest advantage of the cooperation with our agency is the fact that candidates do not have to worry about any legal procedures concerning lawful employment in Poland.

We ensure full legal as well as HR and payroll services meeting worldwide standards as well as local legal requirements. We support our employees in all matters such as medical examination, accommodation, opening a bank account and, most importantly: we handle all formalities related to the legalisation of residence, such as a visa, a residence legality certificate, permits or permanent residence.

It is also important that employees are not left alone once they get a job. We induce an employee into the new working environment, make them familiar with the specificity, conditions and character of the job as well as OHS regulations. We also provide a translator for every induction training, if required. Moreover, we offer a specially prepared manual for employees in the form of a brochure with a glossary of necessary terms to support an employee to settle in a new country and workplace. We cooperate with acquired employees during every phase of employment, appointing a dedicated coordinator that cooperates with a given employment facility.


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