Recruitment is a growing problem for many companies. It is more and more difficult to find an appropriate person for a given position, but, most of all, it is very time-consuming and expensive. When recruitment is outsourced, it is an external company that bears all the costs of recruitment. It is us who prepare job advertisements, verify CV’s, conduct job interviews, tests and surveys. We use available advertising websites, but we also have an extensive base of our own employees.

All recruitment activities are performed by our own recruitment offices. Our qualified and experienced staff is able to hire and serve any number of temporary employees in a very short time and to find qualified specialists, ensuring the highest level of Customer care.

We first meet our Customers to learn their needs and problems in the area of employment. We look for persons with relevant qualifications, willing to take up work under the conditions offered by our Customers, and we assume all HR and payroll obligations.

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What do you get?


  • quick process of recruitment and response to a changing, ongoing demand for a given number of employees
  • minimum amount of formalities – one agreement – one VAT invoice
  • no social security and tax settlements


  • VAT cost without additional charges
  • no recruitment costs
  • no HR costs


  • transfer of the entire risk related to employment to the agency
  • no official inspections
  • immediate replacement if any of the employees resigns

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    Our Clients

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    JOBSI Sp. z o.o.
    Obrońców Westerplatte 5
    83-000 Pruszcz Gdański
    NIP: 5272859029
    REGON: 380832849

    Dla pracownika

    Call center:
    +48 58 350 2300
    +38 095 649 7272

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    Dla pracodawcy

    Call center:
    +48 58 350 2300
    +38 095 649 7272

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