Outsourcing services

We take over entire production and operation processes at our Customers’ employment facilities, assuming 100% responsibility for the effect.

Every Customer is provided with a coordinator responsible for project supervision, ongoing communication, logistics and care of the employees. If the number of hired employees exceeds 50, we offer a dedicated, full-time employee at the Customer’s place of business, responsible for monitoring ongoing personnel requirements of the company. The coordinator maintains regular, direct contact with the Customer and employees.

Through Outsourcing services, our Customers increase the effectiveness of their businesses. Most of all, they are offered staff and HR management by qualified specialists, thus reducing the costs of their own operations and the operational risk to minimum.

We take over tasks related to the calculation of remuneration as well as all elements of staff administration.

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What do you get?


  • quick process of recruitment and response to a changing, ongoing demand for a given number of employees
  • minimum amount of formalities – one agreement – one VAT invoice
  • no social security and tax settlements


  • VAT cost without additional charges
  • no recruitment costs
  • no HR costs


  • transfer of the entire risk related to employment to the agency
  • no official inspections
  • immediate replacement if any of the employees resigns

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    Our Clients

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    JOBSI Sp. z o.o.
    Obrońców Westerplatte 5
    83-000 Pruszcz Gdański
    NIP: 5272859029
    REGON: 380832849

    Dla pracownika

    Call center:
    +48 58 350 2300
    +38 095 649 7272

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    Dla pracodawcy

    Call center:
    +48 58 350 2300
    +38 095 649 7272

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