Employee leasing

Employee leasing is a more and more frequently practiced form of employment. It involves the lease of employees by our company for another entrepreneur. This kind of employment is a good solution, especially if a business is seasonal or is related to a single, particular project. This solution is used in more and more industries, as it carries numerous benefits.

Bisar Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. offers employment to people from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and many other countries.

Employee leasing differs from temporary employment mainly in that it is the company with which the employee enters into employment relationship that is the employer, not the temporary employment agency. As a result, hiring employees from us, our Customers acquire a qualified, proven employee with extensive experience who, as a result of the agreement between the parties, undertakes to perform particular duties in a particular period. Throughout the lease period, the employment relationship with our company has the form of unpaid leave, which is taken into account in job seniority.

The customer enters into an agreement with the employee, which provides them with all the rights that they have under the Labour Code, i.e. holiday or sick leave.

We find employees that meet our Customers’ expectations, responding to the growing demand on the market.

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What do you get?


  • quick process of recruitment and response to a changing, ongoing demand for a given number of employees
  • minimum amount of formalities – one agreement – one VAT invoice
  • no social security and tax settlements


  • VAT cost without additional charges
  • no recruitment costs
  • no HR costs


  • transfer of the entire risk related to employment to the agency
  • no official inspections
  • immediate replacement if any of the employees resigns

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